Herd-Builder Heifers


Unlike many U.S. seed stock producers; Davis Ranch balances all 17 EPD's (16 for SMAN), not just two

or three. The more balanced the individual is the more areas can be improved in the next generation. We do this 

with planning and artificial insemination. 


Heifer Availability > May 2018

EDR MS Merdie E 75  3303180

EDR Miss Twilite E 76  3305409

EDR Miss Constance E 77  3305408

EDR Miss Ten X E 78  3305579

EDR Miss Maggie E 79  3306147

CCCC Party Girl E 80  3306253

EDR Miss Fortune E 81  3307112

EDR Miss Kobe Prophet E 82  3307185

EDR Miss Freedom III E 83  3311233

EDR Miss Peyton E 84  3317174

EDR Ms Angela E 85  3319043

EDR EDR KaliKaren E 86  3324321

CCCC Chloe's Ten X E 87  3333275

Back in the 1980's and 1990's Davis Ranch donated one heifer annually to an individual in 4H/FFA. In 2014,

we brought back this service to our community and donated a show heifer to a very deserving 4H/FFA 

member. We want to thank Ray Hicks, County Coordinator, Agent; Screven County for his assistance in this


From now on, Davis Ranch will donate 1 heifer annually to a 4H/FFA member - 

1) Giving them a heifer we raised that year (post-weaning)

2) A Junior Membership (for one year) in the American Simmental Association

3) Paid Breeding services to include Semen, CIDR, all pharmaceuticals and AI breeding 

4) Assistance in selling future Simmental / Simmental influenced calves.


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