Davis Ranch Hydroponic Fodder System

Making Fodder and removing weather as a factor.

Hydroponically grown fodder is a cost-effective feed supplement for cattle. With hay, grain, corn and soybean prices reaching record highs, cattlemen need a better feed option. Fodder Systems allow cattle operations to produce healthy livestock feed with control over protein and nutrient levels. This lends to total control over meat or milk production and operational costs.


Fodder Benefits

Fodder grown in these a systems mimic the benefits of pasture and are a more appropriate feed option for grazing animals. Ruminants are able to digest fodder sprouts easier than grain; improving feed efficiency, milk and meat production. 1 lb of seed produces 7 lbs of fodder.


Feeding fodder will also provide these advantages to cattle:

  • Reduced somatic cell count
  • Reduced occurrence of acidosis and mastitis
  • Lowered pH in Rumen
  • Increased digestibility
  • Earlier breeding and higher conception rates
  • Faster weight gain and easier weaning
  • Increased longevity in dairy cows
  • Higher milk production and butterfat content
  • Improved hoof health

Feed Recommendations: “For Peak Milk production in our cattle” TP = 2.93

Ration: 15 lbs barley fodder + 15 lbs. ABH (Alicia Bermuda hay) + Free-choice High Mg mineral

15 lbs of Fodder x 16 % CP x 0.65 TDN = 1.56 TP

15 lbs of ABH x 12 % CP x 0.55     TDN = 0.99 TP

  2 lbs or WCS x 21 % CP x 0.90     TDN = 0.38 TP

                                                        TP ~ 2.93 TP

When grain seed is sprouted, the starches turn into sugars which are more easily digested. This eliminates the

need for supplements because they are occurring naturally through the digestibility of fodder's amino acids.

Advantages to cattlemen:

  • Drought Proof your cattle operation
  • Savings on supplemental feed costs
  • Savings on equipment costs
  • Removing the weather as a variable
  • Decrease fertilizer use
  • Decrease fuel use
  • Conserve water
  • Increase your stocking rate
  • Use your land holdings for other purposes
  • No need for Irrigation on your land base
  • Become more independent of others
  • Many more

Costs >  Fodder @ $0.035/lb ABH @ $0.027/lb > (14 x .035) + (15 x .027) = $0.90/hd/day (Saves 56% of our hay)

  •           $0.49 for fodder / head / day

  •           $0.41 for hay / head / day