Top 1% SimAngus Embryo's 

(Updated 4/30/2018)


       Our Mission is to assist cattle breeders in increasing the genetic impact of their breeding program.




As cattlemen discovered there were differences in

performance and certain sire's genetics would excel

over others, the need for further reproductive

technology surfaced; that was met with Artificial

Insemination (AI).





Embryo Transfer (ET) became a more common practice

as producers searched for mating's that would produce

a specific genetic package with the phenotype to match.




Why is ET important?


ET allows producers to accelerate elite genetics. You can flush your donor several times, breed her back and have calves

by many different bulls. It would normally take a producer five years to do this, with ET we can do it in one.


You can now buy a whole flush at Davis Ranch.

We will flush almost any one of our Donors except Wagyu to the bull of your choice for a flat rate of $9,000.00 and up.

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Embryo Purchases:

3 Embryo's Per Set*

Guaranteeing 1 Pregnancy on each Set* if work is done by a Certified Embryologist.

5 Embryo's Per Set**

Guaranteeing 2 Pregnancies on each Set* if work is done by a Certified Embryologist.



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