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When you buy a bull from Davis Ranch your buying bulls from both Proven Cows and

 the Top AI Sires in the Nation. Brood cows that don't perform well aren't here, it's

 just that simple.


EPDs Benefit Terminal Production Systems - By Robert Wells for the Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation

Expected Progeny Differences are under-utilized as a selection tool when producers purchase herd bulls. For

some, the numbers are too confusing. Others base their decisions only on the bull’s physical appearance. EPD

traits can be used to select for multiple traits and can improve both a terminal program and a replacement heifer



             "Surprisingly, I still find that many producers do not use expected progeny differences (EPDs) as a primary

             selection tool for their bull. Many select their next herd bull based only on physical appearance

             or a perceived ability to perform, or low birth weight.

             In other words, does he have a well-balanced body with plenty of muscling, yet look like he will be

             easy on calving?

             Several purebred breeders have said that the only question most of their customers have is "Is the bull

             calving ease?" These buyers typically complain that EPDs are confusing to use or that they don't work.

            With  some basic knowledge, however, utilizing EPDs can be easy and beneficial to all cattle operations".

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Bull Donations


So, Why Bull Donations?

The bull donations stemmed from our interest in the Carcass Merit Program (CMP) at American Simmental Association

(ASA). The CMP is a great opportunity for purebred breeders to attain unbiased third party information on their


Just like the Total Herd Enrollment Program THE the CMP is another "check":

*** It assists us, the seed stock producer, in making better breeding decisions

*** These improvements then benefit the commercial cow/calf operator

*** These data further benefit the feeding and packing industries along the production chain

*** All the way to the end product user --The Consumer

The data collected also have allowed the ASA to amass substantial information for bench marking, so that

performance and value expectations can be conveyed to current and potential customers of our members.

From providing confidence regarding levels of calving assistance, all the way to predicting end product value

for those wishing to be profitable in the feeding business, ASA can reliably estimate the performance of their

genetic products due in part to the information collected on SimGenetic sires tested in these “real world”

commercial situations.

Carcass Merit Sire Evaluation Program

You may ask yourself, who pays for all this? Bull owners commit thousands of dollars each year to get unbiased

evaluation for the next generation of genetically influential young candidate sires. This information is important

for all SimGenetics users as it builds significant accuracy for economically important EPDs and assists in the early

screening for bulls that possess unique levels or trait differential and thus providing maximum selection leverage.


Carcass Merit

■ Over 35,000 commercial cows mated

■ 10,000 carcass records collected

■ Average 74% Choice, YG 2.8

■ Complete tenderness data

    and Calving Ease

■ 4,400 British heifers mated

■ Average Birth Weight 78.6 lbs

■ Elite Simmental calving-ease

lines identified and published
Feed Conversion

■ 1,318 sire-identified SimAngusTM

    progeny test steers

■ Average Dry Matter Feed Conversion


■ Average Daily Gain 3.62 lbs/day

Sires are tested in “real world” commercial situations. Data is collected from 41 different herds in 18 states

with steers fed and harvested in nearly every cattle feeding region in the U.S.

Davis Ranch wants to be participate in the CMP, but annually sells all our bulls at the 12 to 15 month age

range. In order to participate in such a worth-while program, we have
decided to donate the proceeds of one

bull sale to the ASA Foundation, specifically for use in the Carcass Merit Program. 


* Beginning in 2016, Davis Ranch, LLC will be donating one bull after completion of the Calhoun Bull Test to an

active member of the Georgia Cattlemen's Association's; Young Cattlemen's Council.

2016 YCC Bull Donation > EDR Ten X Select C 76

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