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About Simmental

Only in the United States is selection for Simmental measured for efficient, economical production of quality 

beef. Unlike most of the European performance programs involving Simmental cattle where emphasis is 

on the measurement of milk production.


1. American Simmental Association (ASA) has developed performance programs that focus on meat production.

2. ASA was the first breed association to publish a sire summary.

3. The American Simmental resulting from this effort meets today's demand for a beef animal that can thrive

under a variety of conditions.

4. They have bred-in ability to adapt to hot and cold temperatures, to dry or humid climates, to range conditions

or confinement.

5. The ASA has been innovative and flexible in allowing for  breeder selectivity in all programs.

6. No color restrictions are imposed. Performance has always been given far greater emphasis

than color or other superficial attributes.

7. American Simmental have evolved from a wide genetic base and only a small proportion of any

generation is truly genetically superior.

8. The larger the population base, the greater the potential for selection of superior individuals.

9. Through innovative programs, such as performance testing, carcass evaluation, THE and a 

nationwide sire summary evaluation, the opportunity to select for improvement of economically 

important traits is enhanced ever more.

10. The American Simmental is genetically engineered toward efficient, economical production of 

tender, lean, palatable beef -- the product in demand by consumers today.