Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide our customers with the most advanced genetics possible. To us, these

are the genetics that excel in the economically important traits; growth, fertility, calving-ease,

maternal and carcass merits. These traits should come in a highly functional, structurally sound,

easy-fleshing and gentle package. We utilize EPD's, indexes, visual appraisal and individual

performance to guide us in our selection processes.

To guarantee our customers with the best breeding stock available; we greatly depend on Artificial

Insemination (AI) and Embryo Transfer (ET). This expands the overall impact of elite Sires and the

elite Dams in our program. Cow Families also play an important role.

Our ultimate goal is to provide both the Purebred and Commercial cattleman with performance

tested seed stock that improves their genetic base and overall profitability.

We want our Mission Goals to mirror that of our National Association:

American Simmental Association, which states

The success of the American Simmental Association is dependent on the success of our  members. In turn,

our members’ success is dependent on their cattle making an important and significant contribution to the

beef industry The highest priority is to maintain and nurture services and products, which bring value to

ASA members’ customers.


Our Story

We have been in the cattle business since 1982 and began producing FB Simmental in 1998. After

only a few years; we knew these high milking, large framed cattle required too many inputs and

didn't match either our available forage base or climatic conditions, which is key to survival and

success in the cattle business. We needed cattle that suited our particular situation.

For the next several years; we utilized the best genetics that our, now, PB Simmental cows had

to offer by using their EPD's to match-mate cows to AI Sires that would influence our cattle in a

positive productive way.

By 2005, our PBSM cattle were better, but still didn't fully match our available forage resources

and climatic conditions of southeastern Georgia. We also noticed that many of the PBSM cattle

originated from a very small genetic pool and that someday many would be closely related or


As in life, every business comes to that ultimate crossroad and decisions have to be made that

may influence your success for years to come. Thinking about which path to follow, we chose

SimAngus cattle. This decision really made the big difference in our success and in 2007 we had

our first Simangus calves born at Davis Ranch.

Another direction we chose that generated further successes, then and even today, was/is by

utilizing Artificial Insemination (AI) on 100% of our cattle and by using the best PBAN AI Sires to

produce Simmental-based SimAngus™ cattle.

The last decision we made was something that had always been on our minds and that was to

remain relatively small and produce the highest quality cattle we possibly could by paying

close attention to detail.

The SimAngus™ Registered Cross really clicked at Davis Ranch; the cattle matched our

available forage base and our climatic conditions -- they thrived. Today, all of our cows exceed

the ASA Hybrid Simmental (SimAngus) EPD averages across the board for every single trait of

economic importance.

EDR Simmental and SimAngus Cows

For an individual to be part of our cow herd; she must have the following attributes:


1.  Structurally Sound

2.  Possess High Fertility

3.  Phenotype Typical of the Breed

4.  Good Udder Attachment and Teat Placement

5.  Moderate Milk Production

6.  Superb Reproductive Performance

7.  Great Disposition

8.  Great Mothering Ability

9.  Calving Interval < 365 Days

10. Weaning Weight of Calves at 50% of Dam's Weight

11. Calve Annually Unassisted

12. Show Capacity

13. Longevity / Stay-ability

14. Puberty At An Early Age

15. Moderate Frame

16. Easy Fleshing on Available Resources (Grazing Only)

17. Good Carcass Merit Qualities

18. Moderate Mature Weight

19. Good Maternal Calving Ease Traits

20. Average or better for all EPD's of Economic Importance