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Davis Ranch, LLC is located in southeastern Georgia; 35 miles southwest of the SC state line. We invite you

to browse through our website and get to know us as we update our site on a regular basis.

A State Certified Brucellosis-free herd since 1982, we began this business to provide both the Purebred and 

Commercial sectors with performance tested seedstock that improves overall profitability. 

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EPDs Benefit Terminal Production Systems - By Robert Wells for the Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation

Expected Progeny Differences are under-utilized as a selection tool when producers purchase herd bulls. For some,

the numbers are too confusing. Others base their decisions only on the bull’s physical appearance. EPD traits can be

used to select for multiple traits and can improve both a terminal program and a replacement heifer pen.


"Surprisingly, I still find that many producers do not use expected progeny differences (EPDs) as a primary selection tool

for their bull. Many select their next herd bull based only on physical appearance or a perceived ability to perform,

or low birth weight.

In other words, does he have a well-balanced body with plenty of muscling, yet look like he will be easy on calving?

Several purebred breeders have said that the only question most of their customers have is "Is the bull calving

ease?" These buyers typically complain that EPDs are confusing to use or that they don't work. With some basic

knowledge, however, utilizing EPDs can be easy and beneficial to all cattle operations".  Continue reading this article.....

AVAILABLE IN MAY 2015            


EDR GUNNY  B 64  3/8 SM 5/8 AN   2901491


EDR BIGGIE B 65  PBSM  2901502


EDR SIMWAGAN B 66  1/4 SM 1/2 AN 1/4 KB  2901506


EDR BLACK MACK B 68  1/2 SM 1/2 AN  2901499


EDR BRODERICK B 69  5/8 SM 3/8 AN  2901504


EDR RUBY'S TEN X B 71  1/4 SM 5/8 AN 1/8 AR  2901497


EDR WILL TOWNSEND B 76  1/2 SM 1/2 AN  2901501


EDR PREMIUM EDGE B 79  1/2 SM 1/2 AN  2914906


CCCC PRINCE HOWARD B 01  3/8 SM 5/8 AN  2901646


CCCC KING GEORGE B 02  1/2 SM 1/2 AN  2901647




Davis Ranch, LLC

5652 Lakeview Rd

Statesboro, GA 30461



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