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Davis Ranch, LLC is located in southeastern Georgia; 35 miles southwest of the SC state line. We invite you

to browse through our website and get to know us as we update our site on a regular basis.

A State Certified Brucellosis-free herd since 1982, we began this business to provide both the Purebred and 

Commercial sectors with performance tested seedstock that improves overall profitability. 

Visitors Are Always Welcome

  • Davis Ranch Bulls at the Driggers - Strickland Bull Sale 12/13/14

Davis Ranch Donation Bull 2014 - EDR Wade Shafer A 53

Davis Ranch wants to be participate in the American Simmental Association's (ASA) Carcass Merit Program (CMP), but

annually sells our bulls at the 12 to 15 month age range. In order to participate in such a worthwhile program, we have

to retain one exceptional individual a year and donate the proceeds of one bull sale specifically for use in the CMP's Feed

Intake Project. 

*The proceeds from this sale will go to get a program started to generate enough funds to install a Grow-Safe System in the

feedlot where ASA collects carcass data for the CMP*.

EDR Wade Shafer A 53    2779885         1/2 SM 1/2 AN  

EDR Double Nickel A 55 2779895         3/4 SM 1/4 AN               

EDR Loaded Dice A 57    2779888         1/2 SM 1/2 AN               

EDR QR Ogeechee A 59  2779898         1/2 SM 1/2 AN               

EDR BlackJack A 60        2779897         1/2 SM 1/2 AN               

EDR Red Predest A 61    2779891         5/8 SM 1/4 AN 1/8 AR   

EDR Hondo A 62            2779892         3/4 SM 1/4 AN               

EDR Comfort Zone A 63 2779887           3/4 SM 1/4 AN               


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Davis Ranch, LLC

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